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5 Best Clubs to Hookup in New York

5 Best Clubs to Hookup in New York

Hooking up is certainly difficult to do…unless you know the right place to go with. Check out the 5 best clubs to hookup in New York!

At times, there is nothing better than being single in New York. Going to bars with darkened booths and dim lighting aren’t those times. Good thing, the city has lots of watering holes suited for singles to find their match or even hookup for the night. If you are sick being single, NYC offers a trove of hot places with free-flowing alcohol to score your next fellow bed.

What are the 5 best clubs to hookup in NYC?

From spots with sparkling dance floors to bars with themed nights, there’s nothing more you would ask for. Here are the best clubs perfectly suited for singles in New York.

1. Home Sweet Home - Get on your groove and take your wants underground at Home Sweet Home. Gape at the taxidermic eagle, beaver and rabbit behind the bar and drink a fresh cocktail while making eyes at the gorgeous and hot singles across the room. DJs play sexy soul harmony while people dance hip-to-hip.

2. Black Rabbit - Black Rabbit is a classy place. Half of the regulars here are comedians, performers and writers, therefore you should bring your A-game. For more than years, Black Rabbit serves as a spectacular drinking hole for adults. Its house draft beer is a stellar lubricant when making eyes at attractive gents and ladies of Greenpoints. Between the wood-paneled, intimate booths and the lovely backyard of the bar, you can make it easier to pick up a partner.

3. Hotel Chantelle - When entering Hotel Chantelle as your 1940s Parisian dream, start to embrace your inside seductress. The Devil’s Spring (raspberry syrup, ginger syrup and Spring 44 grin) will satisfy your thirst. Afterward, roam down to the underground dance club to rub against the crowd of singles.

4. Night of Joy - Night of Joy is a little living-room-like-bar boasts a pretty, Victorian feel on it, casual atmosphere and a decent drink. In here, you can find the hands of everyone on the thigh of their neighbors. There are lots of perfect spots and couches suited for partners, and singles can meet other singles while enjoying the drink.

5. Brooklyn Ice House - Brooklyn Ice House is particularly perfect on a night when the climate is warm and you want to relax in the large backyard of the Ice House. Get a beer and shot special at this bar and place an order for some of the delicate foods you should try. Many locals and tourists enjoy a night in Brooklyn Ice House, so grab this one-of-a-kind opportunity to choose someone from the crowd, ask him/her (using your masculine or sweet voice) to light your Parliament and the rest will be history. See the reviews

Staying in NYC should not be dull and boring. There are other ways for you to enjoy every single moment while reaping the scenic attractions and mouthwatering foods of the city. Try going to any of the best bars above and have a blasting night!

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